I’m one of those people who needs a creative outlet. Since I can’t draw or paint or sing, and I’ve always loved words, I write.

I started writing books about my dog when I was a kid. This led to hand-written novels that I pawned off on my friends when I was twelve. Then came bad poetry in high school and stories written on a typewriter (remember those?). I eventually got my MFA in Creative Writing. Since then I have worked various non writing-related and writing-related jobs, including grant writer, English teacher, and copy-editor. While working these jobs, I wrote a novel.

The novel is still kicking around. I’ve had a few agents show interest, but not enough interest to pick me up as a client. In the meantime, I continue to write, and take writing classes to keep improving and sharpen whatever talent I have. I believe you never stop learning. I’ve had a few non-fiction and fiction pieces published.  One of my stories was published here.

For the past six years, I have written a column for PopMatters titled The Box Office Belletrist in which I compare books to their film counterparts.

While freelancing, writing, and chasing my five-year-old son around, I decided to to drum up this blog. It’s about words, of course, in any form, be it written, spoken, or minced.

Okay, end of spiel. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. You’re a trooper.


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