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January 8, 2012

AutoCorrect This

Autocorrect has been proving to be a headache lately. I can live with spell check in Microsoft Word because it only suggests that something is misspelled, but now that smartphones are crossing that little red wavy line and changing the spelling for you without you wanting it to, it’s become quite a pain in the ass.

Recently, when I sent an email from my IPod with the sentence: “That exotic plant we planted last spring has lost all its luster and has morphed into a black stub”, it changed “exotic” into “exit”, “luster” into “lid”, and “morphed” into “Morpheus”. The result read: “That exit plant we planted last spring has lost all its lid and has Morpheus into a black stub.” Uggh. I mean “Ugh” (I like that extra “g” in there for extra emphasis but spell check doesn’t).

Anyway, I found a very funny example of autocorrected texts on BuzzFeed called The 25 Funniest AutoCorrects of 2011. Check it out.


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