Oprah’s Buttload of Books for Beyonce’s Baby Blue

Oprah’s gift to Beyonce and Jay Z’s new baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter? A trunk full of books. Right on, Oprah. So much better than a diamond-encrusted chandelier for the nursery or a platinum bottle warmer.

As a parent and former kid, I can’t think of anything better to give and receive than books. My son’s birthday was last week and he received a pile of books because I’m lucky enough to have enlightened friends and family who know the power packed in the written word.

One of the latest additions to his library includes a book from my sister that he’s so bananas about,  he asks me to read it to him every night. It’s called The Tiger Who Came to Tea. It’s a British book that was published in 1968 and is about a giant “stripy” tiger that visits Sophie and her Mummy and cleans out their fridge and cupboards and then leaves them with nothing to eat. Their solution? A big tin of tiger food for the next time he comes around. The illustrations are so charming that if this particular tiger were to walk into my house, it would be a delight instead of a terror.

Oh yeah, so I’ve digressed. Back to Oprah and Baby Blue. Nobody knows what books were in the trunk, but I’m sure they were Oprah-approved, maybe even some from her book club for future reading. Who knows, maybe The Tiger Who Came to Tea was one of them.


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