Teen Book Dream Come True

For years I’ve been searching for a book that I read when I was about twelve. I remember reading it with such smutty gutsto that I never forgot it, except for the title.  The book was about a young girl who runs away from home and winds up in the dirty streets of 1970s New York, pressed under the thumb of a pimp named “Favor”. I couldn’t remember his name then, so all I had to go on when looking for the book in various search engines was “1970s, runaway, hooker, New York.”

Imagine my delight when I recently found it after reading a thread in Amazon called “Lost Teen Books” (or something like that). The title looked vaguealy familiar to me and once I looked it up and saw the book cover, I nearly wept for joy. Seriously.

The book is called Steffie Can’t Come Out to Play by Fran Arrick and the cover is something I can’t believe I ever forgot. Once seeing it, it was like finding an old dress I had worn every day for years and can’t believe I ever forgot owning. The book cover is fantastically cheesy and un-PC. Check out “Flavor”, I mean “Favor”. He’s a pimp with a big pimp hat bedecked with a plume, looking menacingly over fourteen-year-old Steffie who’s wearing nothing but a slinky red dress and feather boa. This book jacket would never fly these days. At least I don’t think it would. Maybe as a parody of some sort.

In any case, the books is now sitting on my night stand just waiting to be read. I just may have to put down A Moveable Feast to pick up Steffie Can’t Come Out to Play.


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